Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Structure, RPG Maker, and Other Languages

Why Not RPG Maker?
I like to code everything from scratch, which might seem tedious given the availability of game creating programs like RPG Maker, etc, but I just can't stand trying to figure out how to do what I want to do in those programs.  Even if there is a way to customize things how I want, I can't stand figuring it out.  Since I am not a professional programmer, I have a difficult time understanding the complexities of other peoples codes or syntax of new languages.

Some tilesheets I've found for the
game online, 32x32 square tiles.
For example, I am using blogger for this blog.  I am going against a huge part of me that wants to code this blog by hand in HTML.  Why?  Because there are a lot of simple little things that I cannot stand for the life of me about this blogger website that I am already noticing, only a few minutes into using it.  Some I can fix, some I cannot.  I suppose it comes down to stubbornness and a passion to control every element of my design.  I recognize that as a fault, but I still can't help but be amused when I am at a party and somehow a conversation takes a wrong turn into programming (it happens more than we are willing to admit, doesn't it?)...  And I get asked what software I use to code my websites.  I reply 'HTML' and 'PHP'. They look at me, shocked...  WHAAT!

So I am programming this game in Actionscript 3, the flash based programming language.  And I encourage any kids looking to get into programming as a hobby to learn a real (object based) language like AS3 or C sharp.  It is more difficult at first but more rewarding in the long run.  On second thought, I encourage you not to get into programming at all, I'm sure you have better things to do.  Also I will be using PHP for database communication and (if I decide to make it multiplayer) the game server.

The Game Structure
To begin, the game will be broken into 2 flash based clients.  One for making maps and one for playing the game.  The Map Editor right now is not built for anyone but me to use...  It is really complicated.  In fact, I was pretty confused how to use it myself.  Oh and it has bugs.  The game client I will start posting on this blog when I have working versions done.  Then if I make the game multiplayer there will be a game server written in PHP, but I will also be making an additional flash client to use as a game master:  Ie. control the NPCs and any other dynamic content within the game.  I know that it would be possible to have this incorporated directly in the PHP server, but from previous games I have made I realize now that messing with the server is a bad idea.  It is too difficult to debug in its current state.  I am sure I will be writing a lot more on that if I get around to making this a multiplayer game in the future.


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