Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting Started

An Introduction to Me and this Game
Today I will be starting to create a new game, which is untitled.  I know nothing about it yet except that it is to be an RPG built using flash actionscript 3.

My Website,
My name is Lysle Shaw-McMinn, I am not a professional programmer, but I have been making websites since I was 11 years old and games since I was 14.  I made my first multiplayer browser based game when I was 17, which was quite an accomplishment at that time when multiplayer browser games were very rare.  I am now 24 years old and in grad school to become an optometrist.

You can find my games on my website, and maybe someday you will find the game I am working on in this blog there too!  More likely:  I will never finish this game. 

Why program it if I don't plan to finish it?  I program for relaxation and fun, and when this game becomes neither, I will stop.  If this is my last post on this blog then holy shit, I got bored quickly, didn't I?


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