Friday, January 13, 2012

amfPHP Woes

the simple and helpful amfPHP UI. 

I have finally finished going over all 22 of my PHP scripts that act as intermediaries between the game client and server.  Now its time to work on the client!  It has been taking a lot more time than I previously thought but it is still worth it.

It is amazing how messy the code was before compared to after integrating amfPHP.  I am very excited to see the change and can honestly say that my code is starting to look professional.

Major pieces of code and general
game structures are documented.

On the right is an excerpt from the games documentation.  I have been documenting information about the creation of this game so that in the distant future I can continue work on the game at my leisure, and so that another programmer could take over or assist with the project someday. I will do a blog post about my views on documenting sometime.  You might also notice it says "grass1" as a variable being sent into amfPHP.  That is a discrepancy from mapping not being completed.  Right now, every area always has grass.  Eventually I would like there to be several backgrounds to choose from for different parts of a world.


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